Classics And Rods
Ashley Despain
1972 Cuda
Specifications: 383

-Owner: Ashley Despain

-Power: 383 Big Block, about 425HP

-Transmission: 727 - Needs work

-Acquired:Been in the family for over 20 years

-Project Status: Garage kept most it's life.. restoration planned in the near future.

-In The Works: Cross-country journey finally happened - the car arrived here in Vegas the end of May '07 and we've already dug into it to get her purring again. See the photo gallery for more "in the works."

-Comment: See the photo gallery for more pictures. This car was built by my Dad and my Uncle Don. Because it has been sitting for so long it needs to be rebuilt again. Don is a very experienced mechanic and really pulled out all the stops when building the engine.

-X-tras: Custom interior, front disc brakes




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