Classics And Rods
Dennis Cope's
1971 Camaro
Specifications: 350

-Owner: Dennis Cope

-Power: 350

-Transmission: TH350

-Acquired: 2006

-Project Status: Only just begun

-In The Works: this week a master cylinder rebuild kit will do this weekend, then gonna get ready to install new springs on the front end in the next month. Gotta make her ride better to quit rubbin the front tires so i can race her around a bit more. Special thanks to mike for the fixin and tips while he was here I sure miss yall and know how much fun i miss out on witht he car workin weekends. Yall have some good fixin times and great rides together. will keep ya updated.

-Comment: pending information

-X-tras: car club favorite on the exhaust - "American Thunder." headers with flowmaster 40 series mufflers. Accel hei distributor






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