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Kevin Gibson's
1972 Chevelle Wagon
Specifications: Totally stock 350 cid with Rochester Quadrajet

-Owner: Kevin Gibson

-Power: Totally stock 350 cid with Rochester Quadrajet

-Transmission: Turbo 350

-Acquired: March '07

-Project Status: ... Just started.... money pit now open for business.

-In The Works: everything

-Comment: When purchased, the car would run, sorta..........raw gas pouring out of the fuel pump, carb was opening or closing at will, rear brake drums warped, 3 of the four tires manufactured in 1991.......fourth tire was a korean of unknown ancestry, spare was in numerous pieces surrounding a wheel hiding in the rusting spare tire rack. Replaced the fuel pump (twice, since I forgot to get the pushrod all the way up before installation.........cost me a pushrod too). Replaced both rear drums, rebuilt the carb (first timer at that........and it RAN). Then, played with the distributor to get the timing right. After a few trials and test runs, found the sweet-spot and got it running like a 350/4bbl should..........and, increased the mpg from 8.0 to 12.26, not a bad start.

-Project hopes:This is a daily driver sooooooooo, work is one piece at a time. Haven't decided exactly where I'm going with this, probably leaning towards a SS style with my own little this engine? stroker? SS396??? Just purchased and installed bucket seats up front, rest of the interior is in good shape, if it wasn't for that GREEN color. Has a couple of bad rust spots (spare tire holder, right front lower). EVERY window seal rains in the carwash....... So, get those and any other mechanical problems taken care of, then, the sky...and my pocket book... are the limit.

Ideas are always welcome.



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