Classics And Rods
Kim Despain
1972 Chevy Custom
Specifications: 454

-Owner: Kim Despain

-Power:454 ci


-Acquired: Feb 2007

-Project Status: Fresh as it gets

-In The Works: Just purchased mid-February. Needs a little work under the hood to get it running - Should see this on the road in the near future. Heads were just rebuilt but as we were adding fluids to be ready to fire we came across a major problem - water getting into the oil. Just pulled the engine out to investigate. . .

-Comment: Purchased from a long-time friend. The truck is very complete and in great condition considering it's age. This is my second time around with this; Years ago I had a very nice '72 Cheyenne and looking forward to getting this atleast close to how I remember that one.





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